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Spitzer’s : New York’s Beer Mecca

Any bar that has a beer called Victory Golden Monkey on tap is a bar I want to frequent. Spitzer’s is that bar.

Spitzer’s is, in my humble opinion, the best place to go for great beer, great food, and a laidback scene. Perhaps I’m so partial to it over Ginger Man because it holds much sentimental value (I’ll withhold the sap stories); however I will list concisely below why Spitzer’s is the place to go for a chilled-out yet super fun beer-filled good time.

1. 80 international beers. yes, 80. and they are ALL delicious with seductive names like Victory Prima Pils, Sword Swallower, Stone Levitation Ale, Green Flash Trippel, and Goose Island Night Stalker. If you don’t know much about beer but you love it, I recommend a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey approach and select randomly.

2. The food is surprisingly delicious. The angel hair is cooked perfectly and seasoned well; asparagus crusted in parmesan or the herbed popcorn are tasty snacks; burgers, fries, and mac and cheese lend some homespun comfort to the menu. Its a beer place fit for foodies!

3. Although swamped by interns in the summer, Spitzer’s generally attracts a well-dressed but laid-back crowd. Although its normally packed, you never feel bullied or pushed by the more obnoxious parts of New York’s population. People are generally respectful and keep to themselves.

4. Victory Golden Monkey, one more time for the guys in the back.

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  1. poopity

    June 30, 2009

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