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Agave: Margarita Mania – in a classy way

For some reason, I think I’ve been to Agave more times than any other single restaurant in NY except for those I perpetually order Seamless from. Maybe it’s because it’s close to my apartment or because I have a penchant for tasty margeritas, but Agave seems to be a perennial favorite.

I list the reasons why:

1. MARGERITAS – this should be able to stand on its own, but I feel the need to expound. The main selling point for Agave is its wondrous array of margeritas: different flavors any way you want them (I recommend Blood Orange on the rocks). They are guaranteed to make you feel better after a crappy day.

2. LOCATION – West Village, West Village, West Village. After the margeritas, you can roll into the plethora of bars within 2 blocks (or in my case, my bed). It is just really convenient.

3. THE FOOD – it’s good, very good in fact for mexican. Save the disturbing lack of hot hot spices, the menu is creative, with funky upscale touches to classic Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, tacos, and chilaquiles. Kobe beef enchiladas, grilled corn, tejas blue crab quesadillas, skirt steak carne asada tacos, and the grilled chicken three cheese chilaquiles are stand-outs – flavorful and hearty. Be prepared to stuff yourself silly.

4. THE SCENE – diverse. Cougars, bankers, hipsters, interns, gay, straight, and families come here alike. You get an opportunity to really associate with the strange mix of personalities in New York. The restaurant itself has a fairly large outdoor area in the summer, a good-sized bar (well-stocked with tequila), and a large back dining room that low and dark, almost like an adobe cave.

The one downside is the pretty awful service. The waitstaff, almost entirely gay men that tower above you, are sour and unfriendly. I’m always vaguely terrified they are spitting in my food on the side. You feel blessed if they saunter over your table to check if you need anything – more often than not, you end up hunting down your server.

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