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Pravda: A Step Behind the Iron Curtain

When NYMag depicted Pravda as having “lamps designed to resemble Russian streetlights” and “stainless-steel toilets and chicken wire separating the stalls that really makes you feel like you’re back in the U.S.S.R,” I immediately thought ‘wow, this is typical New York bar scene bullshit.’ However, Pravda was a pleasant surprise for me. Although it has a past as a ‘hotspot’ renowned for douchebaggery and cougar attacks, Pravda proved relatively low-key with low lights, killer cocktails, a young crowd, and some pretty funky Russian-inspired cuisine.

The ‘scene’ and the cocktails are really reason to come to this place – whether with a small group of friends, a private party, or just for an after-work cap. Low-key themed decor, red leather banquettes, a small private bar upstairs, and just enough light for you to check out who’s at the bar with you, Pravda exudes a sense of mystery, especially once a couple drinks in.

The bartenders are friendly and helpful – no pretension here (which is a welcome relief)! And the drinks are absolutely to die for. Creative and tasty, you sip away, perhaps dangerously unaware of the alcohol you’re ingesting. (yes, they are pricey, but I maintain WORTH IT)

Pravda doesn’t deserve the bad rep it gets as a haven for sleazy bankers – check it out!

Pravda on Urbanspoon

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