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Nelson Blue: Kiwis in the Big Apple

A slice of New Zealand has come to New York. Nelson Blue, a slick bar just off the tourist-ridden main thoroughfare of the South Street Seaport, claims to be New York’s first New Zealand restaurant and bar. It offers “Maori-inspired decor and New Zealand-inspired cuisine,” although my suspicion is that they’ve prettied it up quite a bit for the Wall Street crowd just a couple blocks south.

In short, this place is surprisingly fun. The food is tasty and the drinks are good. The bartenders are very friendly and attentive and the crowd is mellow, especially after the post-work banker crowd clears up.

In the summer, outdoor tables are set up with pretty spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Although for many Manhattanites, the South Street Seaport/Financial District seems like quite a hike downtown, this spot is perfect for laid-back drinks with friends. It is spacious enough to accomodate large groups and quiet enough to actually hear what everyone is saying.

My suggestion? Sit back with an order of the Corn & Zucchini Fritters and some Braised Beef sliders, a cold beer, chat with some friendly Kiwis and watch lost tourists meander by!

Nelson Blue on Urbanspoon

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