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The Pink Pony-Le Poney Rose

There’s a little slice of le quartier latin on the Lower East Side – a charming cafe called The Pink Pony. If you’re looking to mimic the Parisian lifestyle with good hearty food, cheap wine, and aloof servers, The Pink Pony should be your go-to.

The restaurant itself exudes European hipster cool with vintage posters, quirky mirrors, walls lined with bookshelves, simple wooden tables, and an old wood bar where lone diners sit with half-empty bottles of pinot noir and their intentionally battered novels. This is the type of place you could linger in all afternoon, feeling no rush or pressure to order more.

The service is very hands-off. Aloof, the servers take your order, deliver it, and leave you alone. Occasionally, they’ll check on your wine consumption, but other than that, they chatter amongst themselves in rapid french or even sit down, during the off hours, at a table in the window to eat and read along with their patrons.

The food is classic french cafe: croque monsieurs, steak frites, goat cheese salads, mussels, roast chicken, cheese plates, french onion soup, etc. In character with the neighborhood, the food is reasonably priced (as is the wine). Expect solid basics that will tide you over through an intense discussion on relativist theory or an old edition of Sophie’s Choice.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, if you’re looking to step outside of New York and into le quartier latin, check out The Pink Pony!

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