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Pastis: See and Be Seen

If you haven’t seen a celebrity in a couple weeks and you’re feeling deprived, head to Pastis for Sunday brunch. The sister restaurant to Soho’s Balthazar, this meatpacking corner hotspot packs in the rich and famous or rich and not-so-famous like sardines. This is the place to don your Louboutins and Sunday best, no matter how hungover you are, to hobnob with the pretty people. Apparently, in the not so distant past, Beyonce and Jay-Z stopped by for a bite, and if you’re pop-culturally rabid as I am, that is a pretty awesome endorsement of Pastis.

Aside from the celebrity sticker shock, Pastis is a pretty great restaurant in its own right. While the wait can be long at peak hours and the tables are so close together that you learn more about the last night’s escapades of your neighbor than you would normally ever care to know, the food is fresh and refreshing, the morning cocktails (and coffee) strong, and the service quick.

The menu is classic french bistro fare: french onion soup, chicken paillard, steak tartare, croque monsieur, eggs hussard. To please the crowd, pancakes, omelettes, and granola (for the New York socialite waifs, bien sur) are also available. The servings are ample, the ingredients fresh, and the execution very good. While this is not haute french cuisine, it satisfies the palette and leaves you not wanting.

I feel obliged to warn that is not the place for a lazy and laidback brunch. This is see and be seen, get your day going in a New York minute kind of hotspot. And just be careful ladies, if you do wear those Louboutins, the cobblestone sidewalk is a death trap for high heels…

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