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Le Pain Quotidien: La Simplicite Europeenne au Village

I have taken to enjoying a casual snack or coffee at my neighborhood Le Pain Quotidien on Hudson and Perry, and I feel the need to blog quickly about this wonderful place.

While technically a chain restaurant, Le Pain Quotidien manages to make each outpost feel cozy and neighborhood-y. The airy and rustic space on the corner of Hudson has private 2-person tables in the back, a large communal table at which to meet some new friends, and a tantalizing pastry/bread counter.

I adore the vibe of Le Pain Quotidien. It is all organic with hearty and fresh food that makes you actually feel healthy when eating it. The fruits, vegetables and dairy products taste like they were just brought in from local farms and the coffee is strong enough and sweet enough to perk up any caffeine-deprived Villager. Noshing on the thick wheat bread topped with luscious ricotta cheese, I feel as though I’ve been transported to a small cafe in the Belgian countryside.

I highly recommend Le Pain Quotiden for a leisurely breakfast with a loved one on the patio, a fresh and relaxing snack alone with the New York Times, or a cup of coffee with your best friend. Come here to relax and escape the overwrought cuisine of so many New York restaurants – bon appetit!

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