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Good Restaurant is…Good.

Well, there is a restaurant that lives up to its name out there, Good Restaurant on 12th and Greenwich Avenue. If it had been Great Restaurant, I would say it has fallen short. Yet, Good is, well, good!

Located on a diminuitive block off Seventh Avenue, on the Northern tip of the West Village, Good Restaurant is a place you could easily walk by. It looks like every other average dining establishment South of 14th St and is huddled next to Bar-B-Que which advertises $3.50 mojitos and margheritas all night long. Yet, after a tip that the food here is actually quite delicious and realizing that it is just around the corner from my humble abode, I decided to meander over for a leisurely dinner on a rainy night.

To begin with, I probably shouldn’t have chosen a rainy night because one of the restaurant’s bigger draws is its large terrace out front. However, the inside is charming enough with comfortable microsuede banquettes and seductively low lighting. From the get-go, it became clear that a highlight of the spot is the warm and congenial service. Our waiter was wonderful: not too obtrusive, charming, cheery, and helpful. He added a certain homey flair to the entire experience.

The food is ‘innovative American’ and pretty tasty. Comfort food items include roasted chicken, chicken sausages, pork chops with orange marmalade, New York strip steak, pulled pork, green chile macaroni & cheese and burgers. A few surprising menu items popped out at me, including a grilled burger stuffed with pulled pork and smoked mozzarella on a brioche, veal-ricotta meatballs, rosemary-scented halibut with provencal tomato, and seared scallops with minted yogurt and asparagus tempura. The variety of foods shows there’s something for every one here, and every dish comes with a nifty gustatory surprise.

I opted for the green chile macaroni (sounded like the perfect antidote to a stormy night) while my companion had the roasted 1/2 chicken. The mac & cheese was decadent, to the say the least. A hefty portion baked in with thick cheese and jalapenos, the dish warmed me from the inside out and I had enough left over for lunch AND dinner the next day! My friend Liz noshed on the roasted chicken, enjoying it through and through! Moral of the story? The food here is good, comforting and hearty. Don’t expect culinary fireworks from Good – just some down-home cooking with interesting gastro twists.

Good is the perfect place to settle in for an undisturbed meal with friends, a hearty plate of chicken and a bottle of wine, or a comforting Sunday brunch. Your parents will probably love this spot, if they’re not too buttoned-up, and the outdoor terrace is great for people-watching!

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