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Whoever Franny is, She Does Pizza Right

I don’t know who the namesake is for Franny’s, the chic and modern pizzeria in Park Slope, but she must have known how to do pizza right. This gastronomic gem on Flatbush not only serves some of the best ‘new-age’ pizza I’ve had thus far in New York but also does it all being 100% environmentally-friendly.

The surprisingly luxe space a couple blocks north of Prospect Park has a light-flooded dining room, a stone and marble bar, and a garden out back. The open kitchen lets you peek into where the magic happens and lets tantalizing smells waft through the restaurant.

The menu, just one short sheet of options, offers a limited but enticing set of modern Italian dishes, including Salumi cuts, crostini, sausage, pastas, and pizzas. The pizzas are the real highlight here; however, everything proved to be supremely tasty. My party, ‘weary’ from a long day in the hot sunshine in Prospect Park, chowed down on Fried Potatoes with Provolone, Chilies and Capers, Wood-Roasted Pork Sausage with Peppers, two Clams, Chilies and Parsley pizzas, and a Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sausage and Hot Pepper pizza.

The appetizers were expertly prepared and seasoned. A fresh twist on Patatas Bravas, the fried potatoes were coated in a light melted provolone and sitting in a bright ‘gravy’ of capers and chilies. The capers lended an unexpected citrusy bite to the heavier and more mellow provolone. All in all, who knew such a common dish as fried potatoes could be so wondrously fresh? The wood-smoked pork sausage was equally tasty, hand-made and atop a bed of gigantic marinated hot peppers. Spicy and savory, the sausage just melted away in your mouth.

The pizzas, while completely different in flavor and composition, were both divine. The clams, chilies and parsley pies were surprisingly light, dotted with small bits of steamed clams. The white pie added very delicate and balanced flavors to complement the clams. The tomato, mozzarella, sausage and hot pepper pie was much bolder in taste. It had the traditional tomato and cheese base with substantial cuts of spicy pork sausage and rounds of hot peppers. I couldn’t get enough. The dough itself was the real superstar though. It somehow managed to be chewy, soft and crispy at the crust and thin under the pie. I was so enamored with the fresh-baked doughy flavor and consistency that I kept scarfing my boyfriend’s discarded crust rinds.

Franny’s was completely worth the trip out to Prospect Park/Park Slope, and if you live in the area, just know I am envious beyond belief. The laidback Brooklyn mindset permeates this sophisticated pizzeria. The waitstaff is friendly and efficient while not seeming frenzied. A sort of confident calm saturates the atmosphere. The food is beautiful, elegant flavors and a modern look.

Additionally, Franny’s is committed to the ‘locavore’ concept, serving food made from farms in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The owners have long been committed to supporting sustainable agriculture. On the back of their menu, they give credit to where each of their ingredients comes from. Furthermore, the restaurant is run entirely on renewable energy, made up of 35% wind power and 65% small hydroelectric power. The coffee is fair trade, the kitchen cleaning products are environmetally-friendly, and the kitchen grease is converted into biodiesel fuel. Talk about feeling as though you’re reducing your carbon footprint!

Franny’s is perfect for a lazy afternoon meal or for a relaxed date. The food is heart-warming and passionate, ideal for sharing. Also check out the innovative cocktail menu, stacked with some pretty tasty artisan concoctions (I personally prefer the Sparkling Mint – a bubbly and fresh twist on a mojito).

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