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Vol de Nuit: Stole the Night, Stole my Heart

Vol de Nuit, an inconspicuous hangout just off 6th Ave on W.4th, manages to be impossibly cool despite its unfortunate NYU student-ridden location. The specialty here is beer, specifically, Belgian beer. Leffe, Delirium Tremens, Stella, Hoegaarden, Corsendonk, Lindemans Framboise, De Konick are on tap, with a plethora of hard-to-find brews in bottles.

The space is charmingly grungy – with a wide concrete entrance that opens into a number of packed rooms, each with a bar. The furniture is eclectic, run-down, and the epitome of shabby chic. A mysterious golden orange glow dimly illuminates dark corners and hideaways. The front room is small and filled with people popping out to the cavernous entrance for a smoke; the middle room has a couple long wooden tables to perch on prettily with your mug; while the back room is thumping and dark with lots of cubboyholes and dark corners to disappear into. A long velvet couch is stuffed into one corner for revelers to lounge on.

The bartenders are no-nonsense, taking and delivering orders with wondrous efficiency. They know their beers, they know how to pour their beers, and they manage a crowd with grace. Don’t expect a long conversation, but know you’ll have no problem getting your mitts on an ice cold glass of your chosen beer.

The crowd is a mix of yuppies and hipsters, all sipping on their favorite cold beer and bobbing their heads to the booming music, also eclectic and impossibly cool. Guys in expensive jeans with mussed-up hair hover by the bar while women channel the popular luxe bohemian chic look and order lambics. Conversations are conducted at deafening roars to compete with the mix of pop, alternative rock, and electronic pounding in the background.

Come here for a booze-fueled with a crowd that either is too cool for school or just thinks it is. Either way, the beer is just awesome and the music will have you bumping until the wee hours. And if you get hungry at 4am, Mahmoud’s Falafel is just around the corner…

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