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The Upholstery Store: It is NOT an Upholstery Store

The name is very misleading. If you were to google it (and I have), you risk ending up at a fabric shop. However, chef Kurt Gutenbrunner, the main force behind German and Viennese gastronomic powerhouses such as Wallse and Cafe Sabarsky, has succeeded in creating buzz for his bizarrely named adjunct wine bar to Wallse.

The Upholstery Store is a quiet, discreet, and comfortable sliver of a wine bar on Washington St and Perry in the West Village. It is snug as a bug between Wallse, on the corner, and the residential townhouses next door. A long bar, vintage-looking with antique touches, dominates the railroad space with seats and tables in the back.

Village hipsters, laptops popped open, sit at the tables in the back, typing away at their next contemporary American novel or screenplay, sipping on glass after glass of red wine. Couples and small parties cluster around the bar, trying out new wines, chatting philosophically, and pondering whether sausages would in fact complement their german white.

The wines by the glass are cheap, perhaps because the glasses (not your typical stemware) seem a bit smaller than normal. Like it or not, they are more like cups than glasses, lending a distinctly informal feel to the experience. A glass of rose champagne was only $7 and my friend’s red was only $6. The eclectic menu features wines from around the world, at extremely affordable prices, including the super sweet and luxurious ice wines.

The food menu features dishes under $10, including cheeses, soppressatas, olives, nuts, pate and rotating specials. Quick and cheap snacks to accompany the wine.

The Upholstery Store is relaxed, informal, and quiet. It is a perfect place to unwind after work or to indulge in intellectual sparring with comrades. It is charming with it’s old-world feel and touches. Come here with someone with whom you can languish away, passing time with wine-fueled conversation and comfortable silence.

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