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White Horse Tavern: Where Alcoholics Came to Roost…

Emphasis on came, at least officially.

The White Horse Tavern, on Hudson St in the West Village, is perhaps most famous for being the preferred watering hole of Dylan Thomas, the notorious alcholic playwright that haunted Greenwich Village in the late 1940s/early 1950s. It is a tavern in the true sense of all stereotypes. It is a dark and twisty, packed with men calling for more beer. It smells like beer and classic rock thumps from the ‘jukebox’ (more likely, just a sound system). You come here to drink.

The beer is cheap and the food is terrible, but the White Horse Tavern certainly has a charm. There are no pretensions, no keeping up with the Joneses. You can drink all the beer you want without breaking the bank, either at the rows of sidewalk picnic tables in nice weather or in the multiple rooms in the main ‘restaurant.’

This is a classic bar. It is not fancy and it doesn’t pretend to be. There are no ‘artisan cocktails’ or kobe beef sliders. You can get a grilled cheese for under $8, but I would only recommend this soggy American cheese creation if you have a couple knocked back. They even serve hot dogs, which in my opinion, pair perfectly with a cold Bud Light.

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