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BONDST: Bordering on the Divine

Since I landed in New York a year ago, I’ve been searching for a sushi place that combined dashing good looks with charm, taste, and quality. Megu was too flashy, Nobu too ‘done’ and Matsugen too subdued. I wanted something that was sexy, fresh, and heart-stoppingly good. It seems as though I’ve finally found what I’m looking for in the Noho mainstay BONDST.

Ludicrously expensive and oozing class, BONDST genuinely blew my mind. I’d heard whispers that it was a little tired, that it was losing its cache. Neither was remotely true.

BONDST was a layered experience for me. At the root, the food is astonishing: of the highest quality, innovative, surprising, luscious. Sitting at the lounge downstairs, my 2 friends and I asked the bartender, Warren, to just surprise us. Oh, and did he ever deliver. Warren brought out dish after dish after dish of delicious goods. Plates of oysters, tender sashimi, silky salmon, a tuna flatbread that I couldn’t keep my hands off, and then a soft, sweet, and fatty pork belly and black cod skewers. Everything was addictively delicious and so luxuriously prepared. You could taste how fresh and expensive everything was that you were eating.

The scene was unselfconscious elegance. You feel as though you’re being pampered, living in the lap of luxury. The restaurant looks and feels sensual in its subdued color tones and pale yellow flickering lights. Clearly, no expense was spared in its design.

The service was extraordinary – friendly and genuine. Somehow, Warren the bartender actually convinced me that I was somehow different, that my friends and I were the only customers at the bar (while he was taking care of multiple other parties). He had true charm, and skill for that matter.

I want to paint a picture of BONDST as a place to indulge, to relax, to enjoy the finer things, an oasis of sorts. You can feel comfortable here, despite the accompanying price tag. It is private and slick, an excellent place for a date or to impress clients – although I wouldn’t necessarily relegate this to a special occasions place. The food is so good that I might just treat myself to dinner here on a regular basis.

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