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The Beginning of the Cupcake Bust?

Foodies have been predicting the cupcake backlash bust for months, for as we all know too well, with every boom comes a bust.

Could Saltie, a new Williamsburg restaurant from the owners of Diner, be the first obvious kitchen taking a stand? Sweets are few and far between, aside from the shortbread cookies, scones, and ginger cake, and salt abounds!

Despite my love of all things sweet, sugary and chocolate-y, a change of pace is always welcome, and the menu is enticing!

Grub Street offers a first look at their nautical-named sandwiches:

The Captains Daughter
Sardine, pickled egg, salsa verde

Little Chef
Mortadella, Pecorino, Green olive

The Gam
Ham, Gruyere, Pickle butter

Clean Slate
Wheatberries, Chickpeas, Miso, Pickled vegetables

Israeli Meatballs, herbs, Yogurt

Tomato, cucumber, hard boiled egg, feta, olives, capers, greens


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