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Not Your Typical Brasserie

A brasserie typically evokes French-style comfort food, traditional decor, casual service, and the notion of lingering of a meal with a bottle house red wine. Brasserie, the Patina Group’s updated French ‘hotspot’ in Midtown East, is pretty much everything but a classic Brasserie. Recently redesigned into an uber-chic mod pod, this popular gathering place for power lunches and late night grub redefines sleek, smooth and swank. Don’t expect to find ‘rustic’ here.

Situated below ground level in the Seagram building off Park Avenue, the main dining room is filled with futuristic white tables, a glass bar with hanging liquor bottles behind frosted panes, slanted pistachio-colored booths, and what looks to be an acoustically-engineered ceiling. Luxurious and modern, this new Brasserie utterly oozes cool.

For such an atmospheric and trendy place, Brasserie has astonishingly good food. Chef Luc Dimnet reinterprets classics, putting his own spin on club sandwiches, burgers, scallops, salads and steaks. Using seasonal flavors, Dimnet offers up creamy soups, luscious burgers stuffed with gruyere, a ‘chop chop salad’ with chicken, cashews, apples, and a sesame-ginger vinaigrette. The options are ‘casual,’ modern twists on brasserie cuisine – don’t expect Dimnet to jump through gastronomic hoops. However, he does what he does very well. Aside from the actual flavors, the colors on the plate are gorgeous and bright. No drab food here!

Brasserie is perfect for a business lunch. Most all of the parties around me were groups of men and women in suits, chatting rapidly over their food. You got the sense that deals were getting done just over your shoulder. Expensive enough to impress clients, swank enough to not seem hokey, good enough to please all, Brasserie fits the bill for a power lunch.

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