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Penelope’s: Lot’s of Lovin’

Penelope’s is like a slice of warm apple pie around the holidays, a breakfast with friends you haven’t seen in awhile, the first bite of your favorite food ever, and that realization that you’re eating something truly delicious and fit to be cherished. Now, I’m not saying that Penelope’s is fancy, that its a gourmet powerhouse, or that you should expect curley-cues on your food – at all. Penelope’s is some of the best and the freshest home cooking I’ve had in New York. It is clean, simple, and prepared with ‘love’ in the kitchen.

You feel like you’re eating something thats good for you. No over-fried dishes here, no pools of oil or fat, no poor ingredients. The bread is fresh from the baker in the back, the fruits & vegetables are beautiful, and the food is creatively put together so that everything tastes remarkably refreshing. Most famous for its brunch (good luck nabbing a table on weekends), Penelope’s serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Each meal is as good as the last. Breakfast offers up fluffy egg omelettes made however you like, buttermilk pancakes, pumpkin waffles, french toast, and a plethora of options from the bakery: scones, croissants, and muffins. Lunch and dinner, calmer times to go where students and nearby workers dine alone or in small groups, tantalizes with everything from homestyle mac&cheese, a large hummus plate, curried chicken salad (amazing dressing), a cozy chicken pot pie, a hearty warm brie & green apple sandwich, chicken meatballs, and huge juicy burger. It’s just everything you want from a home-cookin’ establishment, with the creativity and flair of an experienced chef.

The atmosphere matches the delicious grub, totally laidback and comforting. White walls, wooden tables, and little adornment define the space. The waiters bustle around, chatting with each other and the guests, dressed down in converse, jeans, and plaid shirts. Near the kitchen is a small tiled bar with seating and cases displaying fresh-baked scones, decadent cakes, and fresh fruit.

You’re meant to feel comfortable here, at home, relaxed – and everything from the easy-going staff to the heart-warming food to the no-frills country kitchen decor supports this philosophy. Penelope’s is the quintessential neighborhood spot.

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