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Bone Lick Park: I Only Know This Place as Bar-B-Que

One evening after a long day at work, my coworker and friday Sarah and I ventured into a place just around the corner from me, Bar-B-Que. I call it Bar-B-Que because that’s what the evergreen awning says and there is really no other indication that this place is in fact Bone Lick Park. Either way, this place is an anomaly for me: recommendable despite mediocre cuisine.

The food is pretty average; however, the laidback ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass’ vibe and bone-crushing $3.50 margheritas earn this place a gold star in my book. The scene is like a cheesy Texas rodeo with a huge neon Coca-Cola sign, tin ceilings, white tiled walls, and loads of kitschy Americana periphrenalia. Everyone from the Village gay crowd to hipsters to suits seeking alcohol to elderly couples pack into the spacious room for some good ole ‘cue. Let me tell you, the patchwork quilt of diners provides for some laugh-worthy entertainment.

The menu has everything you would expect: creamy mac & cheese, hefty burgers, cornbread, ribs, pulled pork, Texas sausages, and BBQ chicken plates. The food is consistently average yet tastes better with each sip of margherita you have. In short, Bone Lick Park is drunk food heaven. Everything is thick, rich, and flavorful. There are no ‘subtle flavors’ or made-for-an-elf portions here. What should you eat? The turkey burger is divine, but if you feel like truly embracing the barbecue spirit, go for the Texas link sausage with mashed potatoes and cornbread. It will not disappoint.

CHEAP drinks, pretty good food, an entertaining hodgepodge of patrons, and charmingly kitschy decor make Bone Lick Park an unexpected pick for me for group events, after-work drinks, and comfort (re: good when drunk) food.

Bone Lick Park on Urbanspoon

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