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Bubby’s: Doesn’t it just SOUND good?!

The name Bubby’s evokes a grandmother’s kitchen, pies fresh from the oven, grits steaming on the table, and fresh cut bacon sizzling on the stovetop. The name alone is comfortable and warm. The Tribeca neighborhood comfort food joint is exactly like its name sounds: down-right friendly, fresh, earthy, comfortable, and simple.

On the corner of N. Moore and Hudson, Bubby’s isn’t exactly in the heart of the downtown dining district; however, it entices diners with its 24hr breakfast/brunch and its charmingly unpretentious decor. Bubby’s is like the town center pie shop you grew up begging your mom to take you to; it smells great, it’s bustling with people, and you know you’re going to get a heck of a meal.
Surprisingly spacious, Bubby’s has two rooms – one in the back that is great for big groups and the front room that is awash with light from the large paned windows. The decor is simple and not distracting. The rough hewn wood tables and white-washed walls lend to the country kitchen vibe.
The food is hearty, simple, and just plain tasty American. Expect a laundry list of traditional American recipes collected through the ages from friends, family, neighbors, and guests. The menu features everything from fish tacos to farmer’s omelettes, big juicy burgers to fresh H&H bagels, center-cut pork chops and applewood smoked pulled pork butt to eggs benedict and tall stacks of buttermilk pancakes. If you’re looking for good ole home-cookin’ without any strange frills or innovations, Bubby’s is your place.
When my friend Ashley and I showed up at Bubby’s at 11 on a Sunday morning, the place was swamped. People were stuffed inside at the bar, holding warm mugs of coffee, and milling around outside on the sidewalk. A bachelorette brunch was waiting for their table for 15, and families clustered around baby strollers, waiting patiently for their turn. Surprisingly, despite the intimidating crowd, we were sat in about 15 minutes. The service was quick, friendly and efficient. The food came out of the kitchen quickly and our waitress was pleasantly attentive.
All in all, Bubby’s is that warm and welcoming neighborhood brunch place you’re always looking for in New York. No prix-fixes, no reservations, no dress code, no fancy shmancy breakfast dishes that look too complicated to eat. Founded in 1990, Bubby’s is an institution that knows how to cook food, serve food, and make diners happy. The kitchen serves up well-made grub that fills you up just right and lets you get on with your day. Perfect for a brunch with friends or family, Bubby’s can accommodate small groups or large and offers a lovely spot to enjoy your morning coffee.

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