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The Best Thing About Fall: Pumpkins

In honor of Halloween, I have put together the pumpkin special post.

To start, a haiku:

So sweet and meaty,
Pumpkins tickle my fancy,
Fall forever, please.

I think everyone will agree with me when I postulate that one of the best things about eating in the Fall is the arrival of pumpkins. They add that certain je ne sais quoi to an earthy fall meal and instantly transport you back to trick-or-treating and carving jack o’lanterns. Or maybe that’s just my childhood experience. Either way, pumpkins bring even more excitement to an already stacked roster of seasonal fall foods.

How to enjoy Pumpkins in Manhattan:

1. Red Mango’s Pumpkin Spice yogurt: a creamy concoction topped with toasted Graham crackers
2. Heartland Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale: everyone loves a little spice in their beer
3. Porchetta: the pork-centric resto is serving up a veggie-friendly pumpkin soup
4. The Vanderbilt: the hot new spot in Brooklyn offers a warm fall salad stocked with pumpkin
5. pumpkin cupcakes at Billy’s Bakery and Crumbs!
6. Academia di Vino Broadway cooks up a pumpkin, pancetta and caramelized onion pizza – yum!
7. pumpkin breads abound at neighborhood farmer’s markets, Amy’s Bread, and Friend of a Farmer

tweet me @therightpick if you come across pumpkins on NY menus!

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