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Zaitzeff Made Me Love English Muffins

I’m going to take a minute out of my day job to wax poetic about Zaitzeff. This downtown burger outpost brought to you by an ex-Wall Street suit keeps it simple with a menu of burgers and sandwiches made from fresh high-quality ingredients. For a no-frills to-go restaurant, Zaitzeff produces damn good food that everyone can enjoy.

My recommendation? Go for the turkey burger, fully-loaded with aged Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon. While not normally a fan of the turkey burger (my philosophy: if you’re gonna go burger, you gotta go beef.), I can’t get enough of Zaitzeff’s version. It’s juicy, full of flavor, and just as hearty as a beef burger. My intuition tells me that the golden ticket is the bun. Mostly because it’s not really a bun. It is a Portuguese english muffin ‘imported’ from Fall River, Massachusetts. This bun is sweet, soft, and bursting with its own flavor. If I could get these buns shipped to me from MA also, I would be a very happy camper.
Top off your meal with a side of the sweet potato fries – sweet, crunchy, and salty, these fries are just down-right devilishly satisfying. They go perfectly with some hot sauce and your turkey burger.
Give Zaitzeff a whirl if you ever find yourself down by City Hall or Wall Street. The place doesn’t look like much – just another take-out place next to Subway and the neighborhood Tandoori joint – but if you stop in for a bite, you’ll have one of the more fulfilling burger lunches you’ve had yet in a quick lunch place. And, to top it all off, you can pretend you’re eating healthy as everything’s cooked with all-natural ingredients, including organic veggies and hormone-free beef!
One note though: such superior food doesn’t come cheap. Be prepared to pay $15-20 for your lunch (burger + fries + drink).

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