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Finding that Ultimate Coffee Bar

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the perfect coffee bar to hole up with your laptop or a good book. It should have tasty coffee that won’t burn a hole in your stomach, both comfy chairs and more utilitarian tables (just in case you actually need to be productive), a diverse enough menu to keep you satiated for hours, and wall plugs to juice your computer.

The West Village is a gold mine for these coffee havens, and I’ve had a few hits over the past year. I thought it was high time to share them with you (these are ranked in no particular order):

1. Mojo Coffee (128 Charles @ Greenwich St, West Village): tiny and cozy with tasty organic food and strong coffee, after 2pm on weekends, you’re free to settle in for the long haul!

2. Grounded (28 Jane @ W. 4th, West Village): a cavernous industrial space with a chilled-out hippie vibe and West Village clientele – although they have a 1.5hr seating limit, I’ve never seen them move anyone!

3. Think Coffee (248 Mercer @ W. 3rd, Greenwich Village): expansive space with many seating options, a bit crowded on weekends but a good studying scene, especially for groups

4. Le Pain Quotidien: each of the locations of this chain offers super tasty health food, great coffee, and a simple chic environment – on off hours, waiters let you linger with your book or work as long as you like

5. 11st Cafe: (327 W. 11st @ Washington, West Village): tiny, this charming little cafe gets full early, but if you can nab a spot, the yummy coffee and quick bites are great and the free wifi is a huge plus! My favorite spot? the window seat…

6. Doma: (17 Perry @ 7th Ave, West Village): a hub for village hipsters and writers, Doma offers a full bar and food menu as well as take-out. However, it’s fame amongst coffee shop hoppers makes it difficult to nab a seat even early in the day.

I’m still on the hunt for that ideal place, so if you have any recommendations, tweet me @therightpick!

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