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One Big Step for (this) Woman, One Small Step for…

This week, I tried a ‘star’ food truck. You know, one of those uber-hyped, twitter-frenzied, even in an AT&T commercial food trucks. Schnitzel & Things altered their schedule to include the FiDi, and now I can gorge on fried food from a food truck at lunch.

As a huge fan of the ‘dining experience,’ I’ve always found the food truck phenomenon irksome. However, I do recognize the convenience of it all for when you really just need some inexpensive food-on-the-go.

Schnitzel & Things was, I hate to say it, slightly revelatory for me on the food truck front. My chicken schnitzel with beet & feta salad and french fries was absolutely amazing (when compared to the boring Subway sandwiches and Just Salad salads I normally nosh on). The chicken was crispy, well-seasoned, and very thin. It tasted fantastic doused in lemon juice. The beet salad stole the show with beautiful bright red diced beets and crumbled punches of feta. Mmm mmm good.

The whole experience was so pain-free. You can follow the truck on twitter @schnitzeltruck or on their blog at and even call in your order ahead of time at 347-772-7341!

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