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Highlands: Seeking Scotch

Highlands satisfies the need for some good ole’ UK fun, a remarkable glass of Scotch, and comfort food, all rolled into a chic Scottish package with flickering lights, a mounted elk bust, a fireplace, and holiday bagpipers.

On a whim, my boyfriend and I wandered to Highlands, a rumored scotch and whiskey hideaway, before dinner on Friday night. The small two-room new arrival to W. 10th St is part-pub, part-hunter’s lodge. The whole scene is cozy and casual, with waitstaff flitting around in flannel shirts. On Friday night, it was packed with young revelers crowding the bar and waiting for tables, and yet it still had a dark intimate vibe.

The spirits menu was indeed tantalizing. Three full pages of artisan liqueurs, everyday whiskies, and high-end scotches, each option accompanied by a caption summarizing the spirit’s general allure, taste and texture.

Highlands is ideal for drinks with your friends – on off nights, it seems perfect for cozying up with a Glenfidditch 21year on the rocks and soul-searching for the inner Anglo. Sidenote: in the mood for some holiday cheer? Come here, and hopefully you’ll experience the christmas carol bagpiping detailed below….(bear with me until about 15 seconds in – amateur film-maker here)

Highlands on Urbanspoon

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