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A Very New York St. Patty’s Day

Hoping for the luck o’ the Irish? Perhaps an Irishman yourself? or maybe you just really love the color GREEN?

Regardless of your reasons, today is the day to celebrate St. Patrick in your finest shades of evergreen, mint, jungle green, Kelly green, perhaps even seafoam. As any proper North Eastern city should, New York offers diverse options for celebrating, ranging from good clean fun to, well, not good clean fun.

Please see highlights below:

St. Patrick’s Day Parade: 11am, starting at 44th and 5th Avenue, featuring the who’s who of the Catholic Church, bagpipers, and step dancers.

St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl, courtesy of nymag:

Music and Theater: the Irish Arts Center comes out of hiding on this glorious Irish day with events throughout March and April, see here:

Hot Toddies: because sometimes Guiness can get old – check favorites out at Shoolbred’s, the Brandy Library, Brass Monkey, Puck Fair, Char No. 4, and Alice’s Tea Cup.

Bagpiping: We all love ourselves a little bit of bagpipin’ to brighten a day, check out the FDNY’s Emerald Society,

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