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Three Guys: A Diner, Only in New York

On the Upper East Side, in the 70s, there is ‘a diner.’ The Three Guys, beloved by locals, would be considered a full-blown restaurant in perhaps any other American city, but, in New York, it is a diner, through and through.

Across the street from Zitomer, down the block from The Whitney Museum of American Art, and just around the corner from The Surrey Hotel, the Three Guys enjoys some prime New York real estate. The diner is super casual with tile floors, an old-fashioned wrap bar with stools, leather boothes, and lots of tables. The bustling kitchen can be both seen and heard through a classic ordering window.

The menu? Extensive and diverse, focused on American, Greek and Italian specialities. Every imaginable comfort food item is possible from big beefy burgers to chicken parmesan to scallops to fluffy omelettes, hulking greek salads, New York bagels & lox, sirloin steaks, mussels marinara, spaghetti & meatballs, loaded baked potatoes, Belgian waffles the size of frying pans, and an assortment of fruit pies.

As in any diner, steer clear from the too fancy schmancy seared scallops dishes and aim for things that taste good big, bold and greasy. You can’t go wrong with fully-loaded burgers and plates of cheese fries that won’t make you puke the next day, family-style breakfasts fit for champions, and the ridiculous array of salads. The 3 Guys brings not only the beautiful notion of options to a diner menu, but also high quality ingredients turned into well-prepared and well-seasoned dishes. My personal favorites: for breakfast, big fluffy Belgian waffles doused in maple syrup and loaded with both whipped cream and fresh strawberries; for lunch, green salads done right with crispy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, olives, grilled chicken, and large chunks of creamy goat cheese (with a more sinful side of crispy fries); and for dinner, the devilishly cheesy pizza burger deluxe with fries and crunchy pickle.

The 3 Guys is a special place: an upper east side pedigree with a glitzy glamorous clientele, true diner inclinations, and enough space for large group hangover breakfasts. The brusque and efficient staff keeps everything moving, doesn’t mess up (ever), and handles the demanding local population with grace. Looking for a diner that doesn’t mess around? The 3 Guys is your gotta-go-to spot.

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