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Extra Virgin: A Tip, It’s Referring to Olive Oil

I’ll give you one guess as to what this restaurant considers it’s muse.

Get it? That’s right, olive oil. Cozy and charming, as pretty much every restaurant in the West Village guns to be, this W. 4th St. favorite brings the fashionable set swarming at every meal. The limited set of outdoor tables are a battleground for people-watchers behind bug-eyed (I’m sorry, elegant) sunglasses; the bar seats are packed with those who gave up waiting for a table; and the coveted tables in this narrow and cramped space are almost always abuzz with spirited conversation. It’s safe to say that after six or so years in business, Extra Virgin has truly captured and maintained the hard-to-garner adoration of New Yorkers.
Extra Virgin, Joey Fortunato’s headliner is electric; it’s got a buzz, a crackling energy that whips through the place; it’s noisy and boistrous, packed to the gills with pretty young things, the preppy set, stylish locals. At peak times, the conversation crescendos to a dull roar heard from the street.

The food? Simple modern Italian made from high-quality ingredients. You’ll encounter some of the usual suspects on an Italian menu, including fritto misto, a pasta pomodoro, scallops, and a cheese ravioli, as well as more innovative dishes like falafel-crusted mahi mahi, grilled halibut with tomato carpaccio, and a pistachio-crusted goat cheese salad. Dishes are uncomplicated and satisfying with few examples of culinary acrobatics and equally few screw-ups. Try the bacon-wrapped scallops for a dip into decadence, followed by the mushroom-crusted virgin chicken with sweet pea risotto, and you’ll leave a happy eater.

Extra Virgin is the quintessential West Village eatery, embodying upscale casual cool with simple delicious food, a pleasant and attractive crowd, professional yet laidback service, and truly throbbing atmosphere. It’s great for a lively dinner with friends, a leisurely brunch of people-watching and mimosas, or a fun date with someone vivacious…

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