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Butter Lane: Cupcake Nirvana

Butter Lane, a cupcakery on E.7th Street in the East Village, has enjoyed a fantastic reputation since it opened – it is cute, cozy, charming, and wildly good at making cupcakes. It is so good at making cupcakes that I would go so far in as to say that the bakers at Butter Lane produce the best cupcakes in Manhattan.
The tiny storefront on E.7th street has some illustrious neighbors: Luke’s Lobster, Desnuda, The Bourgeois Pig, Porchetta, and Caracas Arepas Bar, all of which are suspiciously good at churning out their specialties as well (lobster, ceviche, fondue, pork, and arepas, respectively). Perhaps, there’s something in the water. Upon entering the bright and cozy store, a large blackboard greets you on the right with a tantalizing array of frosting flavors to choose as toppers for your vanilla, chocolate, or banana cupcake. If you’re lucky enough to wander in during off-peak hours, you’ll get served immediately; yet, more often than not, you’ll have to wait and salivate.
Now, on to the important part, the cupcakes. They are divine; they are soft, sweet but not too sweet, and satisfying. The cakes come in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and banana; the frostings are available in many flavors, including french vanilla, cream cheese, peanut butter, cinnamon, caramel, maple pecan, grapefruit ginger, blueberry, raspberry, coconut, and, of course, chocolate and plain ole vanilla. Butter Lane pre-makes the most popular combinations, yet will spread any frosting on any cake for you upon request. After trying, 8 different combinations, the banana cake in general is the most moist and the banana cream cheese combo gets 5 gold stars. The chocolate cake with maple-pecan and banana cake with peanut butter are also astonishingly good. Out of all of the variations I sampled, the only even remotely poor option was the coconut frosting, which ended up being a tad too sweet for me. All in all, the diversity of options and general quality of both cake and frosting push Butter Lane above and beyond competitors.
Also, if you can’t get enough of Butter Lane’s cupcakes, they not only hold classes for cupcake-making but they also do weddings and events. Check it at!
Perfect For: a cupcake craving, late-night snacks, gifts and goodies, romantic moments

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