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Sandwich’s are a life staple, no? They’re quick, easy, cheap, and everywhere. You can find them at the Jewish deli down the street, the coffee shop on your corner, the swank restaurant on your ‘it’ list, and the speciality store you like to frequent in the Village. Yet, just like every other popular food in New York (read: pizza and sushi), quality can range from astonishingly good to very very poor – how can you possibly ferret out the good ‘wiches from so many options?

New York Magazine has saved the day with the 101 Best Sandwiches in New York –
get started on salivating here!
They also explore the age old question of Subway v. Quiznos (Jared comes out on top, shhh) and of course, the mystery and variety found in dessert sandwiches.
Eat your heart out!
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