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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you like it or not, today is Valentine’s Day (sorry to burst your bubble if you’ve been squeezing your eyes shut every time you walk by a Duane Reade window display), which means that all sorts of couples will be dining out romantically tonight and all sorts of singles will be be drinking a wide range of tequila varieties. (I will be doing neither – law school textbooks don’t allow for romance or tequila.)

For your epicurean edification, I’ve listed below my favorite restaurants, by romance factor, for no matter what type of scene your looking for over the next couple nights.
So Romantic that Puppies and Chocolates and Roses Come out of the Corners:
1. Waverly Inn
2. The Lambs Club (ask for a table near the fireplace)
3. Zenkichi
4. Alta (ask for a table in the back rooms)
5. Pasita
Big Spending Romantics:
1. Del Posto
2. Convivio
3. Gramercy Tavern
4. Gotham Bar & Grill
For the Low-key Lovers:
1. Il Buco
2. Marc Forgione
3. Sorella
4. Highlands
5. Cafecito
Just Starting to Date:
1. Raoul’s
2. Northern Spy Food Company
3. Locanda Verde
4. Colicchio & Sons
5. Minetta Tavern
Quirky Meals with Friends:
1. Vandaag
2. wd-50
3. Prune
4. Fatty Crab
5. Resto
Dating is for Wussies and Nerds:
2. Spitzer’s
3. El Centro
4. Macao Trading Company
5. Peels
I Just Want to Drink:
1. Loreley
2. Los Feliz
3. Amity Hall
4. Brass Monkey
5. Anchor Bar
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