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Get Your Date On

Recently, a lot of my friends have been asking for recommendations for good ‘early in the game’ date spots – you know, the sorts of places where you can have a good conversation over great food without too much romance on the one hand and too much raucousness on the other. While each of the restaurants listed below has its own flavor and atmosphere, all of them are cool enough to take a new flame to, are not SO sceney as to be packed with distracting groups of hot men or women, and manage to hit the sweet spot between quiet enough to talk and buzzy enough to fill awkward silences.

Top 10 First/Second Date Spots:

1. The Harrison: It’s hard to say no to sharing duck fat fries in a place that’s in the business of making people happy.
2. Apizz: Downright sexy and known for top-notch meatballs. Double whammy.
3. Barbuto: A celebrity chef committed to cooking accessible food in a vivacious environment. Plus, if things get awkward, the bars and clubs of Meatpacking are just around the corner.
4. Peasant: In the winter, the heat from the glowing pizza oven almost simulates a roaring fire in the fireplace.
5. Rayuela: Some say chilis, a staple in Rayuela’s Latin American cuisine, are aphrodisiacs.
6. Alta: Not-your-typical-tapas make interactive small plates-style eating fun! And there’s kick-ass sangria!
7. Cafe Cluny: Cozy and charming, it’s hard to go wrong at this classic West Village French bistro.
8. Pipa: Perhaps the Flamenco band that’s around on certain nights will get you and your date out of your chairs and dancing towards each other.
9. Snack Taverna: Offers something a little different than your classic French or Italian, and discussing what to order ‘family style’ helps ease the awkward ‘just sat down’ conversation.
10. Raoul’s: Too-cool-for-school French spot with a rockin’ bar up front that’s perfect for having a beer to start the evening.

Check out my reviews and go get your date on!

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